General sales terms and conditions

1. Prices and possible discounts will be recorded in writing between the parties.

2. The reservation of a group visit cannot be annulated later than 7 days before the date of visit. If the client would annulate the group visit less than 7 days before the date of the group visit, or if the group would not show up on the day of the visit, the client will be charged with a bill for 25% of the total amount for the group visit, except in the case where the client can proof a situation of force majeure. This condition is not applicable in case of a ‘rent-a-park’ or if the client has concluded a written cooperation agreement with any of the Majaland Kownaty.

3. Any protest relating to the invoice or relating to the delivered goods or delivered services, must be announced by registered letter, at the latest eight days after receipt of the invoice, or the delivery of the goods or services. Any complaints must be properly motivated.

4. The goods or services will be invoiced in proportion with their delivery, even though it is partially.

5. Unless otherwise agreed in writing all invoices are payable in cash. This means that the invoice amounts must be deposited within eight days after the invoice date on one of the bank accounts as mentioned on the invoice.

6. The customer shall by the simple passing of maturity be in default and this without any notice is required. The non-payment of an invoice on the due date causes the immediate eeligibility of all outstanding amounts.

7. In the event of non-payment on the due date, the invoice shall, by rights and without formal notice, be increased with an annual interest of 12%. In addition, the amount of the unpaid invoice will be increased with 15%, with a minimum of 266 zl, by way of conventional and lump-sum damages. In addition, for every notice send an additional administrative fee of 22 zl and 43 zl for a registered notice will be charged.

8. If an invoice has to be made for an amount less than 215 zl, an administration cost of 22 zl will be charged.

9. Purchase conditions of the customer cannot be opposed to Majaland Kownaty Sp. z o.o.. Any deviation of these general terms and conditions has to be stipulated in writing.

10. Any dispute shall fall under the competence of the courts competent for the place of the administrative seat of Majaland Kownaty Sp. z o.o. (i.e. Ulica Migdalowa 4/30, 02-796 Warsaw). The law of the place of the administrative seat of the client is applicable.

11. Credit cards will be directly debited after payment.